The private family photo journal app

Keep your child’s photos and videos safe on one timeline. Share only with the people you want.

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Simple, safe and magically organised

Because parenting is busy enough

Add one photo or a whole bunch. Videos, too. A beautiful timeline emerges.

Invite your loved ones to follow the timeline. They’re in the loop now.

Look at all these comments and favourites. Yup, that’s my kid.

Parents love it, grandparents live for it

Share the moments that bring us together

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Family conversations

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Trusted by millions of families worldwide

- Perfect for privately sharing to friends and family -

We are in love with this app! Our parents and relatives love getting updates throughout the week of our little one’s progress!

Absolutely amazing app for those who wants to keep their personal photos and memories to themselves and only share with special people.

- Fantastic App for families -

Even the children’s technophobe grandparents have commented on how user friendly it is. We have paid for the extra storage and definitely think it’s worth it.


Moments with your child are the most precious and intimate content you own. Parents tell us they would rather pay with money than with their privacy to store that content online, and they don't want advertisements next to their best memories.

Free plan, 1GB storage limit
VIP plan, 200GB storage limit for $3.99 / $4.99 / €4.49
VIP plus plan, 2TB storage limit, coming soon.